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Bond Oversight Committee (BOC)

The Community Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) has been involved with the School Bond 2008 Program since the very beginning. The <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Edinburg school board appointed the BOC to provide accountability and transparency to the community on the schoolhouse construction projects that were approved in Proposition I of the May 2008 school bond election.

Image of Bond Oversight Committee Members

Many of the BOC members also served on the Citizens Facilities Committee appointed by the school board in the fall of 2007 to study existing school facilities around the district as well as facilities needs facing the district in the light of a yearly student growth of 1,100-1,400 new students a year. The Citizen Facilities Committee took a recommendation to the school board in January 2008 to create a bond oversight committee that would represent the public in reviewing and evaluating new construction and renovation projects as well as in directly participating in the identification, interviewing and preparation of a recommendation to the board on selection of a con-

struction project management firm; architects; engineers; and contractors who will build the new schools and make the facility renovations.

The Committee

The BOC is comprised of community citizens from all walks of life
 Last Name    First Name    Role  
 Guajardo, Ph.D.    Francisco    Co-Chair  
 Morrison    Bryant    Co-Chair  
 Leal    Ludivina "Ludy"    Secretary  
 Saenz    Veronica "VV"    Treasurer  
 Guerra    Norma    Member  
 McClaugherty    Fern    Member  
 Diaz    Romeo    Member  
 Peña    Edna    Member  
 Sanchez, R.Ph.    Michael    Member  
 Guerrero, R.Ph.    Leonel    Member  
 Hinojosa Jr., D.V.M.    Lucas    Member  
 Zamora    Roel    Member  
 Posadas    Isael    Member  
 Rodriguez    Antonio    Member