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Edinburg CISD strongly supports and implements a program where limited English proficient students are successful when school administrators and teachers make consistent use of effective educational approaches that are aligned to state curriculum standards and assessment. Additionally, the Bilingual/ESL program in Edinburg reflects the philosophy that administrators, faculty and staff believe that a bilingual program should provide many educational opportunities for learners to develop and maintain their primary language and culture in a way that promotes biliteracy and a positive self-esteem in order to close the achievement gap thereby ensuring high academic performance and success in a global economy.

 Image of three teenage presenting to students of a Bilingual ESL class

Edinburg CISD offers a Bilingual/ESL Program for students in grades PK-12th. This program serves students who have a language other than English in their homes and need help learning English. The mastery of English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills is required in the program. Academic instruction begins in the student’s first language and transitions into English. Teachers are trained to meet the special language needs of their students.

In grades 6th-12th, an ESL (English as a Second Language Program) is offered. At the middle school (6th-8th), the district has a HILD (High Intensive Language Development) program for students who are recent immigrants. Students may remain in the program up to three years so that they can receive intensive language development. At the high school level (9th-12th), the district has a Newcomer English Course. This is a one year course specifically for recent immigrants. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Language) courses are available for second and third year recent immigrants. For students who are identified as LEP (Limited English Proficient), the district offers SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) trainings and resources to assist the teachers in meeting the needs of the LEP students.



                                                                                  Cynthia Saenz                                        Elizabeth Garza

                                                                                  Director of Bilingual/ESL                         Secretary

                                                                                  x2098                                                        x2101


                                                                                  Norma Santa Maria                               Kenia Garza

                                                                                   Bilingual/ESL                                            Secretary

                                                                                  Supervisor-Elem.                                      x2102



                                                                                 Araceli De La Cruz                                  Angela Salinas

                                                                                 Bilingual/ESL                                             Secretary

                                                                                 Supervisor-Secondary                             x2179



                                                                                 Maritza Cardenas


                                                                                 Supervisor- Middle School


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