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Employee Benefits & Wellness

Mandated Notices
Voluntary Insurance Products
Allstate   956-387-0107


·        Universal Life


Ameritas Group    1-800-487-5553

·        Vision Plan

·        Dental            


RJG Services  956-380-1038

     Ron Guerra Jr.

     1524 S. 7th St.

     Edinburg, TX  78539



Bay Bridge Administrators  1-800-845-7519

·        Humana Accident

·        Humana Cancer & Other Disease

·        Humana Critical Illness

·        Humana Hospital Indemnity

·        Flexible Spending Account


Eyetopia 1-800-662-8264

·        Vision Plan


UNUM   1-800-858-6843

·        Group Term Life Insurance

·        Disability Insurance



Contact Us

If you want more information about any of these programs please call or click on name to email:


Dustin Garza, Insurance Supervisor at 956-289-2300 x 2180

Olga L Saenz, Administrative Insurance Specialist at 956-289-2305 x 2712

Cynthia VelaFMLA Specialist at 956-289-2305 x 2030

Stephanie OrtizInsurance Specialist at 956-289-2305 x 2131



ECISD does not endorse any annuity company, agency, broker or agent representing themselves as a tax advisor, financial planner, TRS benefits retirement expert or ANY VENDOR unless there is a letter endorsed by the Superintendent of schools.