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KATS TV is located at 
1415 South 7th Avenue in Edinburg, Texas.

    The E.C.I.S.D. Board meetings are held at 6:00p.m. on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month. The meetings are held in the Board Room of the Administration Building. KATS TV17 begins airing the meetings on the Wednesday following the board meeting at 5:00p.m. The meetings are shown everyday at 8:00a.m., 5:00p.m. and 11:00p.m.
    A newscast featuring different events from throughout the entire school district. The broadcast is intended to inform viewers of all the action taking place at one or more of the district's 35 different schools.

 Pop Quiz

POP QUIZ is an academic game show. ECISD Fifth Grade student represent their school as they engage is a "Head to Head" competition.



Because KATS TV has a limited staff we need to follow these guidelines.

*KATS TV videotapes only school district activities.
*All activities videotaped by KATS staff will be aired on KATS TV cable channel 17.
*The school district employee in charge of the activity must contact KATS to have the activity videotaped. Please no calls from parents or community members.
*Because of the limited staff, KATS operates on a first call first serve basis.

To have a program videotaped please call:

(956) 316-7753.

    KATS-TV Channel 17 is the television station for the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District under the Department of Instruction and Support Services. Our department provides the television services for the benefit of Edinburg CISD students, faculty and staff, and the entire all-America city of Edinburg.

    The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District operates a non-profit educational cable access channel. ECISD and Time Warner Cable make the school district's cable channel available to Time Warner cable television subscribers. ECISD's Cable Channel 17 is managed by the office of KATS-TV.

    KATS-TV Cable Channel 17 has been in operation since 1973. Television programs are available on this channel from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. The programming playing on ECISD Cable Channel 17 is specifically produced to be instructional in nature; that is, these programs focus on presenting information on a topic or program, or event that is taking place within the entire school district. The programming is also meant to inform all parents within the city of Edinburg of the happenings all across the district.
  • What We Do:
    * Cable Channel 17 - Manage the operations of ECISD's educational cable access channel - Cable Channel 17 - available for public viewing on Edinburg Time Warner cable television systems.
    * Board of Trustees Meetings - Televise ECISD Board of Trustees regular meetings, public hearings and other Board of Trustees and ECISD events.
    * AXIS TV - Electronic text messages are displayed on ECISD's Cable Channel 17 daily from throughout our programming. AXIS TV messages include ECISD news and information, scholarship offerings, ECISD school events, and announcements from Edinburg non-profit community organizations.
    * Local Programs- The KATS-TV Department produces an assortment of video programs, including public service announcements, ECISD news and information videos, student showcase programs highlighting student performances and achievements.
  • Axis TV
    Axis TV allows Edinburg CISD schools and departments the opportunity to display important information on KATS TV. It is a quick way to get information to the community. Individuals wanting to access Axis TV must have their school's or department's user name and password. Please see your principal or supervisor for this information.