Technology Services Department Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedures for Technology Services Department Staff
Accumulation and Utilization of Comp Time:
Comp time must be approved prior to accumulation. Submit request for taking any accumulated comp time via email to Eduardo Moreno/Assistant Superintendent. Reminder: Comp time may only be utilized on Tuesdays - Thursdays.
Reporting Absences:
Email Eduardo Moreno/Assistant Superintendent your SEMS absence number.  Include the word ABSENT or SEMS NUMBER in CAPS in the Subject line of your email.  Also contact your immediate supervisor via phone or text and let them know you will be absent.  Please include Monica Gaitan in your SEMS Absence Number reporting as she will be assisting with SEMS documentatition.
KRONOS Edit Forms:
Full-time staff needing to submit a KRONOS manual edit form will need to schedule time to meet with Eduardo Moreno/Assistant Superintendent to discuss the reason(s) for the manual edits. Minimize the submission of KRONOS manual edits.
College Interns will submit KRONOS manual edit forms to Andy Rios. College interns will also need to schedule time to meet with Mr. Andy Rios to review the reason(s) for the manual edits.
Submitting Mileage Reimbursement Reports:
All mileage reports have been reviewed and approved.  The approval pathway for all Technology Services Department staff in MILES and all mileage reports has been directed to Eduardo Moreno/Assistant Superintendent for review and approval.
Submitting Quotes:
Email Monica Gaitan/Administrative Assistant your supply and equipment quotes in the original PDF format.  This will make the requisition creation process more efficient.  Make sure to include the word QUOTE in CAPS in the Subject line of your email.  Please confirm with the vendor and make every attempt to attain quotes from vendors who have already done business with the ECISD prior.  Requesting quotes from new vendors will delay the ordering process, as the vendor will need to submit a W-9 Form and will need to be set up by the Purchasing Department in the ITCCS system prior to creating a requisition.
Include the Detail Below in Your Email When Submitting Quotes:
  1. If applicable, reference an ECISD bid number, board agenda date, or consortium/co-op purchasing program(e.g., TCPN, DIR).
  2. Include a bririef purpose statement for supplies, materials, and/or equipment.
  3. Include the general name or type of product.  Requisitions must have more than just model numbers.
  4. Include the name of the person originating the request.
  5. Include the name of the event and date if appropriate.
Checking on Purchase Order Status:
Check with Monica Gaitan on the status of a quote or request submitted.  Purchasing Policy Reminder:  Do not accept services, supplies, or equipment from a vendor with out an approved purchase order number.
Delivery of Supplies and Equipment:
All Fixed Assets and Capital Outlay equipment must be delivered directly to the Fixed Assets Department for asset tagging and processing.  No exceptions.
Non-fixed assets equipment and general supplies must be delivered to Room 241 for processing.  Terry Alfaro will receive and process items and you must sign the shipping receipt and/or purchase order indicating receipt of items.
Noel Rodriguez will check out any items ordered for the Technology Store from Terry Alfaro.  All items will be entered in to the Technology Store prior to dissemination.  Requests for items may be submitted via an Eduphoria Technology Store request ticket. No exceptions.
Vendor Invoicing:
All vendor invoices must be sent to Eduardo Moreno/Assistant Superintendent for processing payment to vendor.  Receipt of items will be confirmed and appropriate receiving signatures will be verified prior to authorizing payment to vendor.
WebTravel Request:
Contact Monica Gaitan/Administrative Assistant to complete a WebTravel Request.