Dental Insurance Overview


ECISD dental insurance is administered by Ameritas Group.


The District offers two plans, Basic and Expanded Plan. The major difference between the two plans is in the Preventive Care provisions. These provisions are covered at 100% without a deductible on the Expanded Plan.

The District pays contributes $11.00 for the "employee only" coverage of either plan. The employer contribution is listed as ECISD Dental on your payroll check or pay advice. Deductibles apply for all services rendered.
Dental Premium Amounts - Starting January 1, 2021
 Tiers    Core Plan Premium    Buy-up Plan  
 Employee Only     0.00    11.12
 Employee/Spouse    21.52    34.44  
 Employee/Children    55.82   74.44  
 Employee/Family    73.84    88.96  
Dental Highlights
 General Information  
 Adult orthodontics are covered by our dental insurance at 50% with a $50.00 annual deductible/$150.00 deductible for family.  
 Ortho benefits provide a $500.00 annual maximum and a $1,500.00 lifetime maximum.  
 Rollover provision (Dental Rewards) of $750.00 must be available in a calendar year to qualify for an additional $250.00 in benefits every year at anniversary (Jan 01). The maximum carryover allowance is $1,000.00.  
 Freedom to choose your dentist within the Ameritas PPO network offers discounted rates. Log onto the Ameritas website for an updated list of participating dentists.   
Dental Access Information
 Company    Customer Service Line    Network Provider Directory  
 Ameritas Group    1-800-487-5553  



Dental Insurance Contact List
Ameritas Group
 Contact    Phone Number  
 Customer Service Line    1-800-487-5553  



If Using A Dentist In Mexico, Remember To:
1.  Credentials - The dentist's license number and original signature must be included on the claim form.
2.  Claim forms need to be completed in English and billed in U.S. dollars.
3.  Use ADA codes for services on itemization of the claim.
4.  Reimbursements are paid directly to the covered member.  No money is paid directly to the dentist.