Career & Technical Education

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A message from our Director
Edinburg CISD's Career & Technical Education Department offers courses in 14 career clusters and serves over 10,200 students.  1200 Seniors were classified as RGV Lead Scholars in 2021.  Each year the demand for and interest in CTE courses increases. Our teachers and staff continue to proudly serve our Edinburg CISD community to ensure that the newest generation of students is ready for high demand/ high wage jobs that help to provide upward economic mobility.  We are dedicated to building and transforming our community.  Listed below are some of the ways that CTE department serves our district.
Coherent sequence of Courses
Through a coherent sequence of courses, students can
earn an endorsement in:
STEM, Business and Industry, Public Service and Multidisciplinary Studies and/or earn an industry based certification.
Industry based certifications 
Through CTE courses, students are able to receive an industry based certification that can help them attain a high wage/ high demand job as they continue to pursue their education and further their career. 
Dual Enrollment Courses for Career & Technical Education
CTE - offers 13 different dual enrollment courses in affiliation with South Texas College.  Over 100 CTE students graduated from STC with a certificate in 2021.
Each Of the 4 Edinburg CISD High Schools hosts a chapter of NTHS at their campus to encourage students to participate in CTE courses, CTSO's and to give back to their community.
CTSOs - Career & Technical Student Organizations
The CTE department hosts 50 Career and Technical Student Organizations chapters.
We are proud to announce that our CTSO's have been recognized at both the state and national level. 
Below is information on the organizations that our students and teachers get involved in.