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Title I Part A - Federal Program
 Family Engagement Plan
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Pre-K - 12th Grade
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) describes parent and family engagement as the participation of parents in regular, two-way, meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities, including but not limited to parents playing an integral part in assisting with their child’s academics, parents encouraged to be active role models in their child’s campus, and that parents are partners in their child’s education and included in the decision-making process of the Edinburg CISD.
The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District and the Parental Involvement Office strongly believe that all E.C.I.S.D. students and their parents and families are a “valuable link” in the educational chain. We feel privileged to work with the parents and families and to be actively involved in helping students, parents and families build stronger family and communication bonds.
Our goals are to continue to promote a strong Parental Involvement and Volunteer program in our district, and enhance partnerships among school, home and community through open channels of communication to better serve the students of E.C.I.S.D. and ensure academic success for all students as they prepare for the future.
The Edinburg CISD Family Engagement Plan will be reviewed/revised annually as needed. This plan will be placed on the district’s webpage and shared with the Parent Advisory Council and the Superintendent’s District Parent Round Table for input and suggestions.
Purpose of ECISD Plan –
Edinburg CISD Family Engagement Plan was developed to: 
  • Support House Bill 4 High Quality Pre-K Grant Program
  • Support the Parent and Family Engagement District and Campus-level Policy 
  • Support the Parent and Family Engagement School-Parent-Student-Compact 
  • Increase the collaboration between all stakeholders
  • Increase the participation of all parents
  • Review and revise all documentation on file to assess parent participation in the district
Facilitate family-to-family support – 
  • ECISD will ensure Parental Involvement Assistants at each campus assist with the campus-family relationship.
  • ECISD will provide parents with opportunities to participate in district and campus initiatives. 
  • ECISD will provide information about the existing parent-to-parent organizations, family peer networks, and parent-initiated school-community engagement efforts in order for parents to be leaders and advocates in the community. 
Establish a network of community and district resources – 
  • ECISD will partner with Community and Faith-Based organizations to provide the necessary resources to students, including but not limited to: Children’s Health Coalition of the RGV, Children’s Defense Fund, First United Methodist Church (In His Steps), South Texas Literacy, United Way of South TX, Texas Valley Communities Foundation, Mujeres Unidas, Behavioral Health Solutions of South TX, and ECISD/DHR School Health-Based Center.
  • ECISD will provide parents with resources from all departments in the district. 
  • ECISD will equip parents and caregivers in identifying and appreciating the developmental growth of their child.
Increase family participation in decision-making – 
  • ECISD will encourage parent and family participation in decision-making. 
  • ECISD will continue to include parents in the development of the District and Campus-level Parental Involvement Policy and the Parent-Student-Teacher Compact. 
  • ECISD wants parents and families to share their goals of engagement. 
  • ECISD wants parents and families to be aware of their crucial contributions to a well-rounded and well thought out plan to facilitate support for all stakeholders. 
  • ECISD wants parents and families to know that their contributions impact positive student achievement. 
  • ECISD will invite parents and families to participate and serve in several capacities throughout the district.
Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning – 
  • ECISD will provide parents and families with access to the ECISD Webpage. 
  • ECISD will provide parents and families with monthly calendars and newsletters. 
  • ECISD will provide the coordination, technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist and build capacity at all campuses to implement effective parent and family engagement activities. 
  • ECISD will provide parents and families with opportunities to participate in Campus Literacy events,, Ingles sin Barreras classes, Make and Takes, and the Annual Parent Youth Fair.
  • ECISD’s Title I Parental Involvement Program will continue to provide information regarding federal and state requirements and expenditures.
Provide ongoing professional development opportunities- 
  • ECISD will provide students, parents, and educators with opportunities to become aware of the district’s Parental Involvement Program.
  • ECISD will provide students, parents, and educators with ESSA/Federal requirements and guidelines.
  • ECISD will offer staff development at administrator, faculty, and department meetings. 
  • ECISD will develop staff skills to support families to meet their learning goals. 
  • ECISD will include parents and families in parent and family engagement training.
  • ECISD will encourage parents to participate in the annual Innovate Conference and other professional development offered through the district and Region One.
Evaluate parent and family engagement plan – 
  • ECISD will utilize the evaluations for continues improvement.
  • ECISD will provide an evaluation after every training, workshop, parental involvement activity, when applicable, which will give parents an opportunity to express their views and make suggestions on the value of the activity. 
  • ECISD will use parent’s input to provide valuable information in the planning, development and implementation of the programs in the district.
  • ECISD will work with parents and families to decide on new learning opportunities for their child.
  • ECISD will compile evaluation data and use it to plan and implement a more effective Parent and Family Engagement Plan.
“Before there can be achievement, there needs to be engagement.”