Google Classroom Videos for Students

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I am an ECISD student and have NEVER logged in to my ECISD Google or Microsoft Office 365 accounts  You will need to know your ECISD student email address.  

What is my ECISD student email address?
First letter of the student's first name +
First letter of the student's last name +
student ID# +
Example of ECISD student email: 
Password for Elementary and Middle School Students: 8 digit date of birth
Example: 01232007
If you need to RESET your ECISD Google and Microsoft Office 365 email password:
Step 1. Go to the Reset Password link on the side menu.
Step 2. Select Reset Password
Step 3. Enter your ECISD student email account in the box.
Step 4. Enter the required security information into the boxes.
Step 5. When prompted, change your password to something unique.  Make sure you can remember it. 

You're done.  You can now login to your student Google and Office 365 accounts with your student email address and new password.  

Reminder to Secure Your Password
We highly recommend that all staff and students login to the Google Service Security Settings and review their account security options and features.  All students and staff should always safeguard their username and password information on any personal, professional and education application. 
Watch these videos: 
Google Classroom Learning Series for Students Video 1: Google Classroom Student Reset Password and Login 4m:32s
Google Classroom Learning Series for Students Video 2: Google Classroom Navigating Student Dashboard 3m:10s
Google Classroom Learning Series for Students Video 3:  Google Classroom Classwork Tab 2m:27s
NEW Video for Students and Parents: 
Assigning a PDF, Editing with DocHub, and Returning to Teachers
The DocHub App in Google Classroom allows you and students to type on digitally write on PDFs documents that are added in to your class. 
Use The Links to Login
Use these links below to login to Google Classroom or Microsoft Office 365 to check your ECISD email.
Google Classroom Image
Google for Classroom
image office 365 cloud
Microsoft Office 365 for Email
image symbol question mark
Parents who have questions or need technical support may complete an ECISD Technical Support Request Form or contact the ECISD Technical Support Call Center at 956-289-2325 between 9 AM - and 4 PM on Monday-Friday.  We appreciate your patience.