For ECISD Teachers

The ECISD Distance Learning Center will provide updated information, technology resources, professional development opportunities, and technical support for our teachers. We are committed to supporting our teachers and students and providing opportunities to continue learning and engagement.
Summary of Distance Learning Center Resources for Teachers:
  • Instructional Continuity Plan and Information
  • Teachers have access to the ECISD Google Classroom Video Leaning Series for Teachers
    • Videos have been produced, posted, and made available in the drop down below and in the side menu.
  • Teachers will be able to register and participate in Google Classroom Webinars for Interactive Professional Development and Learning
    • A schedule of Google Classroom webinars are available for teachers to login and receive interactive professional development.
  • Additional online instructional resources are available for teachers 
  • College Board Updates for Schools
The DocHub App in Google Classroom allows you and students to type on digitally write on PDFs documents that are added in to your class. 
Install Option1:
  • Go to your Google Apps dropdown and More Apps from G-Suite and search for DocHub to add (DocHub is working to whitelist our District)
Install Option 2:
  • Open any PDF document your Google Drive.  Select DocHub from the Open With dropdown from Connected apps menu.
The Commissioner of Education and the Texas Education Agency are providing information, direction, and guidance to all school districts across the state.  We will continue to enhance the Edinburg CISD Instructional Continuity Plan and provide information and support for our teachers and students. Below are some highlights of the initiatives:
  • Provide at At-Home instructional resources and support to continue the learning for students in our school community
  • Provide At-Home scheduling recommendations and Guidelines for Educators and Students to Follow
  • Provide Low-Tech and High-Tech options for the varied needs in our community
  • Progress Monitor Student Learning and Provide Instructional Support



Ensuring all students have access to the curriculum

Teachers will make initial contact with students and parents to ensure that parents are aware of the instructional options available for students.  Teachers may utilize the *67 feature when make phone calls to block Caller ID.


Recommended Topics and Questions

  • How are you and your family doing?
  • How will your family be accessing the ECISD instructional packets? 
    • We have several options:
      • Pickup Paper Instructional Packets
      • Complete the Request for Paper Instructional Packet to be Mailed
      • Access to PDF versions of the Instructional Packets on the ECISD Distance Learning Center web page
      • Access through Google Classroom
  • Which would be the best way to access the instructional packets for your family?
  • Reminder: ECISD is providing meals for students 18 and under at each elementary school between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM on Monday through Friday.  You can go to the elementary that is closest to your home.
  • All ECISD applications are available for access in the Resource Logins web page of our ECISD website.  We will continue to update additional online instructional resources available for teachers. 
Teachers may reset their password and set up text and email notification features using the ECISD Password Reset Portal