At Home Technology Access Survey

To Be Completed by ECISD Teachers ONLY:
As we plan for the 2020-2021 school year, the ECISD is working to maintain updated information on student access to technology hardware and the Internet at home
ECISD teachers will contact each student/parent in their 2nd period or Enrichment period roster and collect the following information:
School Level Class Period To Be Contacted
High School 2nd Period
Middle School Enrichment Period
Elementary School 2nd Period
1. Does the student have access to a laptop, desktop, or tablet device at home for online learning? (do not consider a phone as a laptop or table device)

Yes or No

2. Does the student have access to the Internet at home for online learning?
(include a mobile phone hotspot as Internet access)

Yes or No
Teachers will then log in to the portal and select the appropriate response for each student in their 2nd or Enrichment Period.  Teachers will select the Post button to save responses.  Teachers may login to their student roster portal numerous times and update the information as needed through Saturday, May 30, 2020.  Remember to always select the Post button to update your responses.  
See the following PDF instructions below or contact the ECISD Call Center at 956-289-2325 for more clarification.