Health and Safety for Staff and Students

Below are important protocols that have been established by the District and will continue to be enhanced in order to support the safety at all school facilities. 
1. Establishing social distancing procedures for staff at all facilities in support national, state, and local guidelines.  
2. Screening temperatures and health questionnaires for all staff and enforcing health and safety protocols.
3. Installing hand sanitization stations throughout facilities. 
4. Requiring facial coverings/masks for all staff.  
5. Sanitizing classrooms, buses, cafeterias, libraries, gymnasiums, and other learning facilities daily. 
Our health and safety planning and preparation processes have been in continued development as we have been receiving direction and guidance from national, state, and local health and education officials.  The health and safety of our students, staff, and school community are the highest priority.   Plans are subject to change, and we will communicate progress and updates to our school community via our website, text messaging for immediate notifications, and social media platforms.  We appreciate your support and partnership.   
Campus ID
Work Safe Plan
Return To School Plan
Austin Elementary Austin Elementary Return
125 Avila Elementary Avila Elementary Return
104 Betts Elementary Betts Elementary Return
102 Brewster Elementary Brewster Elementary Return
122 Cano-Gonzalez Elementary Cano-Gonzalez Elementary Return
114 Canterbury Elementary Canterbury Elementary Return
123 Cayetano Cavazos Elementary Cayetano Cavazos Elementary Return
128 Crawford Elementary Crawford Elementary Return
116 De Escandon Elementary De Escandon Elementary Return
117 De La Vina Elementary De La Vina Elementary Return
110 De Zavala Elementary De Zavala Elementary Return
120 Eisenhower Elementary Eisenhower Elementary Return
127 Esparza Elementary Esparza Elementary Return
130 Flores-Zapata Elementary Flores-Zapata Elementary Return
112 Freddy Gonzalez Elementary Freddy Gonzalez Elementary Return
131 Gorena Elementary Gorena Elementary Return
109 Guerra Elementary Guerra Elementary Return
103 Hargill Elementary Hargill Elementary Return
105 Jefferson Elementary Jefferson Elementary Return
121 John F. Kennedy Elementary John F. Kennedy Elementary Return
107 Lee Elementary  Lee Elementary Return
108 Lincoln Elementary Lincoln Elementary Return
113 Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary Return
126 Magee Elementary Magee Elementary Return
115 Monte Cristo Elementary Monte Cristo Elementary Return
129 Alfonso Ramirez Elementary Alfonso Ramirez Elementary Return
118 San Carlos Elementary San Carlos Elementary Return
111 Travis Elementary  Travis Elementary Return
106 Trevino Elementary Trevino Elementary Return
119 Truman Elementary Truman Elementary Return
124 Villarreal Elementary Villarreal Elementary Return
Campus ID
Work Safe Plan
Return To School Plan
043 B.L. Garza Middle School B.L. Garza Middle School Return
046 Barrientes Middle School Barrientes Middle School
  Career Center at Barrientes Career Center at Barrientes
  CTE Building at South CTE Building at South
047 Harwell Middle School Harwell Middle School Return
040 Juvenile Detention Center Juvenile Detention Center
048 Longoria Middle School Longoria Middle School Return
044 South Middle School South Middle School Return
045 Memorial Middle School Memorial Middle School
Work Safe Plan 
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