Edinburg Rotary honors ECISD Special Olympics Program

EDINBURG – The Edinburg Rotary Club recently recognized the top student athletes from the Special Olympics Program at the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District.

I think that the Special Olympics Program is just amazing, because these are kids who work just as hard as everybody else, probably harder in many respects, and don’t often get the recognition they deserve,” said Edinburg Rotary Club President Tim Smith.

The students’ recognition is part of the Edinburg Rotary’s Student of the Month Program, which is held during the community service organization’s luncheon meeting at the Echo Hotel. This is the fourth consecutive year that the Edinburg Rotary will highlight two students from each high school from various programs throughout the school year.

“Each month, we honor a student from a different area of the school that way we get to see some really great kids over the course of the year,” Smith said. “It really is terrific.”

During the presentation, Rotarians learned about the school’s unique program and met with the honored students along with their parents.

“It is important because we get to connect with the community. Rotary has done a great job and they are able to highlight our students,” said ECISD Special Education Director Alida Suarez. “It’s really exciting that we are able to do that every year with the Rotary.”

As the students accepted their awards, their coaches talked about each child’s accomplishments and plans after high school.

“These athletes not only represent their school, but also get recognized as athletes of the year in front of the Rotary Club and our community,” said ECISD Special Education Coach Joe Cavazos.

The Edinburg Rotary recognized the following students:

  • Edinburg High School senior Leonardo Alvarez
  • Edinburg High School senior Miranda Fonseca
  • Edinburg North High School senior Jonathan Rios
  • Economedes High School senior Jose Lira
  • Economedes High School senior Ester Rocha
  • Economedes High School senior Jesus Rodriguez
  • Vela High School senior Antonio Hinojosa
  • Vela High School senior Brandi Vega