Edinburg CISD provides over 4.5 million free meals to children

EDINBURG – The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District recently announced that it had distributed over 4.5 million free meals to children through the District's Curbside Meal Pickup Program.

"Thanks to all of our hard-working staff, we have been able, since the start of the pandemic, to issue out a little over 4.5 million meals," said ECISD Child Nutrition Director Jaime Perez. "These breakfast and lunch meals are not only given to students but to all children who are 18 years or younger throughout Edinburg."

Since March 23, the Child Nutrition Department's school nutrition professionals have provided healthy meals to feed students in the school community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It's still hard during the pandemic. We are still not over the pandemic, and our staff has been doing a wonderful job," Perez said. "They are doing the best they can to provide for our community, and we will continue to do so."

On September 7, Edinburg CISD expanded its successful Curbside Meal Pickup Program. As part of the expansion, the bus drivers began delivering meals to children in designated communities. This new service increased the student meal distribution by approximately 10,000 meals to a total of more than 35,000 meals per day.

"Anybody 18 years or younger is welcome to come by as long as you have a child in your vehicle," Perez said. "If not, you will need to provide some kind of an ID for the student, and they will be given a breakfast and a lunch."

The Curbside Meal Pickup Program runs Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 41 campuses. For a list of pick-up sites or to see the weekly menu, visit https://www.ecisd.us/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1311649&type=d&pREC_ID=1578044