Edinburg CISD honors 43 schools for earning ‘Met Standard’ TEA accountability rating

EDINBURG – The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District Board of Trustees honored all 43 of its schools for achieving a “Met Standard” rating in the 2018 Texas Education Agency (TEA) accountability ratings. Edinburg CISD also earned the postsecondary readiness distinction for the second consecutive year.

“As a team you were 61 out of 1,110 school districts that helped us accomplish our postsecondary readiness distinction, so congratulations,” ECISD Board President Xavier Salinas said to the principals during the Oct. 25 Special Called Board Meeting. “Edinburg CISD is the largest school district in South Texas with 30,000 plus students and the only one that has received the postsecondary readiness two years in a row.”

According to TEA, the postsecondary readiness distinction is the only distinction designation at the district level under the state accountability system. It considers factors such as graduation rates, ACT/SAT participation and performance, Career and Technical Education (CTE) graduates, and dual-credit course completion rates. Districts and district charters earning a rating of A, B, C or D were eligible for the postsecondary readiness distinction.

Edinburg CISD received a total of 170 distinction designations as part of the 2018 state accountability rating.

Additionally, 11 campuses that achieved a “Met Standard” rating also earned all distinction designations applicable to their individual school. For the third consecutive year, Edinburg CISD had the most campuses that received all available distinctions among school districts and charters schools in South Texas.

Edinburg CISD campuses that earned all possible distinctions applicable to that school, include Austin Elementary School, Betts Elementary School, Canterbury Elementary School, Cavazos Elementary School, Escandon Elementary School, Esparza Elementary School, Gonzalez Elementary School, Gorena Elementary School, Hargill Elementary School, South Middle School and Vela High School.

Up to seven distinction designations can be earned for: Academic Achievement in English Language Arts/Reading; Academic Achievement in Mathematics; Academic Achievement in Science; Academic Achievement in Social Studies; Top 25 Percent: Comparative Academic Growth; Top 25 Percent: Comparative Closing the Gaps; and Postsecondary Readiness.

Salinas encouraged the principals to “thank your staff, the teachers, and most importantly the parents and students, because the students in those buildings are the ones getting it done,” he said. “And they are getting it done, because it is a total team effort.”

To view the 2018 state accountability ratings for districts, charters and campuses, visit the TEA website at http://tea.texas.gov/accountability/.