ECISD Migrant Neighborhood Recruitment Program assists students, families

EDINBURG – The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District’s Migrant Neighborhood Recruitment Program assisted more than 100 students and their families during its recent recruitment efforts.

For two weeks last month, the district’s migrant recruiters went door-to-door throughout Edinburg neighborhoods to identify migratory students to encourage them to participate in the program. Many migrant students enroll in other schools when they travel up north with their families and take on jobs in the agriculture or fishing industries.

“We want to keep track of our students with the other schools and we want to make sure that there is not an interruption in their education,” ECISD Superintendent Dr. René Gutiérrez said. “So that they can eventually graduate from high school and hopefully go on to college.”

Some of the programs available to the migrant students, include assistance with obtaining concurrent enrollment and dual credit courses, participation in Advanced Placement classes and support with taking entrance exams.

“We have a lot of families that for whatever reason don’t have an understanding of the services that we provide,” ECISD Migrant Coordinator Patricio Escamilla said. “We have home educators that work in conjunction with parents and give lessons at home. In addition, we provide services like counseling opportunities for the kids to really excel in the higher level courses.”

For more information on the ECISD Migrant Education Program, call 289-2300 and ask for Debra Ramirez at extension 2105 or Rolando Vargas at extension 2106.