Four trustees officially join Edinburg CISD school board

EDINBURGMore than 250 people filled the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District’s board room on Nov. 16  to witness the swearing-in ceremony for the four newly-elected members of the Board of Trustees.

The first trustee to be sworn in was new board member Dominga Vela.

“Our plans and our future goals together as a district and as board members is to continue with our “A” in accountability, our “A” in financial accountability and continuing to have the best schools, the best students, the best parents and the best ECISD,” Vela said.

Oscar Salinas was the next board member to officially take the oath of office. This will be his second term on the board.

“I want to continue to work with our board and with our teachers and do three things: put the resources where they need it; continue to give our teachers pay raises and benefits and all of our employees; and work on our facilities that we are a little short on. That’s my short-term goals,” Salinas said.

The third trustee to be sworn in was new board member Leticia Garcia.

“My future goals for the district are to keep our district and the “A” ratings and to praise all of our hard-working teachers and staff members, because without them we wouldn’t have the “A’s.” And of course, they need all of the support from the superintendent and the school board members. We should all work as a team. Working as a team, we will be able to meet our goals and higher,” Garcia said.

The fourth and final board member to be sworn in was Xavier Salinas. This will be his fourth term on the board.

“We want to continue to build our academic success to enhance our Career and Technical Education programs. I also have a special project. I would love to bring a natatorium to ECISD. That’s been part of my goals for a long, long time, so I want to bring it to light,” said Xavier Salinas. “I also have a big heart for the special education kids. I know that we’ve been talking about a special education park out there. So, that’s one of the things that I would like to do for the kids of ECISD.”

Edinburg CISD Superintendent Dr. René Gutiérrez thanked outgoing trustees Ellie Torres and Sonny Palacios for their years of service on the board.

All of the newly-elected board members said that they will be working towards the district’s motto for this year, which is “Building and Transforming our Community.”