Course Request Information and Procedures

Designated campus and district level staff will use this webpage and resources to submit and monitor the status of course requests to be added into Skyward.  
Use the link below to monitor and track the status of course requests submitted for the current school year:
Complete, sign, scan, and email the ECISD Course Request Form in PDF below to [email protected] to initiate a course request.  Visit the ECISD Google Drive named Curriculum Master to search and review any specific details regarding approved course request forms.  
Course Key:
The Course Key is a unique course name created in Skyward by District Assessment Office when the form is submitted.    
TEA Information:
TEA Short and Long Descriptions and Service IDs are located in the CO22 table.  See the link to the CO22 Table in this webpage below. 
Department and Subject:
Be advised that the Department and Subject Codes are connected in Skyward....
Course Type Table Codes: 
___ Advanced Placement – P
___ Dual Enrollment – D
___ Pre-AP Course – Q
___ Honors – H
___ Advanced – B
___ Innovative Course - X
___ Edgenuity – W
___ HS Completion Prior to 9th Grade – J
___ Modified – V
___ Articulated – A
___ IB
___ N/A
___ Other your text here...
NOTE:  These Course Type Skyward Table Codes are the most commonly utilized.  Be advised that there are additional Course Type Codes.
Reference these TEA and ECISD resources when completing course request forms.