End of Year Procedures

Textbook and Teacher Edition Inventory Procedures
  1. Complete the campus inventory worksheet before the district comes in to audit the inventory.  Must be present (or person responsible for the inventory to account for instructional materials.
  2. ELEMENTARY CAMPUSES: Place all instructional materials including TE's by the entrance of each classroom on your scheduled audit date. 
  3. SECONDARY CAMPUSES: Place all textbooks in a central location at the campus.  This location should be secure if possible.  Stack textbooks 40 books high by 5's with the spines turned one way and the next 5 spines turned the other way.
  4. Separate Spanish and English materials.
  5. Include only current state/district adopted textbooks and TE's as per memo on the Textbook Inventory Taking Worksheet.
  6. Verify counts of pupil edition textbooks and teacher editions needed for next year.  If additional instructional materials are needed for the following school year, submit a requisition through TIPWEB at the time of the scheduled inventory to order early and to ensure delivery for the beginning of the next school year.
  7. All Large Print/Braille textbooks are property of the state therefore they will need to be returned, to send back to TEA (In Adoption & Out of Adoption).  Large Print / Braille Materials requested during the year will be picked up if they are no longer being used.  If materials are still being used, clerks will go back to the campus to pick up once classes end.  Verify that all titles (in volumes) are complete and have them ready for the clerks to pick up.  If any titles are incomplete, the campus will have to pay for the missing volumes.