2020 Summer Program Employment

Summer School Employment
Accelerated/DE Academies - Edinburg High School  
Accelerated/DE Academies - Edinburg North High School  
Accelerated/DE Academies - Johnny Economedes High School  
Accelerated/DE Academies - Robert Vela High School  
Career and Technical Education Summer Programs   
Career and Technical Education - Academic Leadership Alliance ALA Extern Program  
Gifted and Talented Enrichment Camps  
Middle School Academies  
Project SMART Migrant Program  
Recreation Program  
Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math Elementary Enrichment Academy      
Special Education Summer Programs  
Summer School 6th - 8th Grade  
Summer Academies 9th - 12th Grade EOC Juvenile Detention Center  
Summer Academies 9th - 12th Grade EOC, ELs and Migrant  
Summer Academies 9th - 12th Grade EOC  Vision Academy  
Summer School Pre Kinder, Kindergarten and 5th Grade  
Curriculum Writing and Summer Program Employment