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Students using interactive whiteboards students using interactive whiteboards
Photos: Villarreal Elementary School Blended Learning Centers - Station Rotation
ECISD has partnered with Newline to integrate and expand the use of interactive digital panels in our classrooms.   We will be making available the ECISD Newline Video Learning Series, Newline scheduled webinars, and face to face training.  Please review the specifications and training information and dates below:
What did you receive with your new interactive panel?
  • 86" Newline Interactive Panel Model Q Series
  • Motorized Stand with Up, Down, and Table Tilt 
  • OnBoard Computer Specifications:  i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM and 256 SSD
  • Accessory Kit: Cables, Remote Control, and 2 Stylus Pens
Newline Teachers:  Review the 3 training options below and participate accordingly.  
Watch the videos and learn some of the basics on the Newline Q Series Interactive Panel. 
Register for the Omnitrack session. The Zoom registration link is in each Omnitrack session description.   
Session# 251493
Thursday, September 29, 2022
Zoom 2 Hours
9 AM - 11 AM 
Thursday, September 29, 2022
Zoom 2 Hours
2 PM -  4 PM 
Session# 251487
Campus Instructional Technology Contacts Role 3  
Monday, October 3, 2022 
Central Administration Boardroom 
8 AM - 12 noon
Once completed, Campus Instructional Technology Contacts Role 3 will provide in person face to face learning and sharing opportunities to other Newline teachers on campus.
ECISD Newline Trainers:
Tim Garber
Samantha McNabb 
Additional Newline Resources:
Newline Tech Support Number:  1-833-469-9529
Newline Technical Support Email: [email protected] 
Newline Technical Support Email:  Newline Technical Support URL
Newline Self Help Desk:
Includes user manuals, quick start guides, cheat sheets, and more.
Newline University:
Self paced course on your Newline Interactive Panel with Certificate of Completion.
Request an App:
Request an App for the Newline App Store