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Welcome to the ECISD Payroll Department website. We have listed some information with regards to payroll and insurance which we hope will prove to be helpful to our monthly employees.
New Employees to the district can expect their first check to be paid in the form of an actual check. Direct deposit is encouraged and can be processed to a financial institution of your choice. Direct deposit forms are available on this site by selecting the "Forms" button. Please note that a voided check and or deposit slip needs to accompany the direct deposit form in order to initialize this election.
Health, dental, term life and other elected coverage goes into effect the first day of the month following your date of employment. All premiums for coverage are paid current.
It is important that you review your first payroll check stub. If you feel there is a discrepancy, please contact our office right away. Please note that as a new employee, there is a 30 day grace period in which benefit changes can be made with no required qualifying event.
Any questions or concerns with regards to your salary or creditable service should be directed to the Personnel Department.
Below are a few scenarios on how we process payroll, insurance coverage effective dates, and attendance tracking.
Employees Hired Between First Scheduled Pay Date Effective Insurance Coverage
1st and 10th of this month 24th of this month +/- a day 1st day of the following month
11th of this month 24th of next month +/- a day 1st day of the next month
Attendance tracking is approximately one month in arrears. As an example, if you started work on the 5th of the month and called in sick on the 10th, that sick day would not be captured in our system until the following month. Some exceptions may apply for employees out on a approved leave. Employees with a negative balance will experience and absence deduction in full during the month the absence is incurred.
Employees may elect insurance coverage effective their first day of employment. Keep in mind that since these premiums are paid current, it may be that your first pay check will reflect a one time double deduction.