Covid-19 School Safety Practices

Edinburg CISD is committed to maintaining a safe learning environment.  Here we outline the various practices we have implemented to keep our schools safe.

Pandemic Response Team

• Principal Asst. Principal
• Curriculum Assistant (Elem. Only)
• School Nurse(s)
• School Resource Officers
• Lead Custodian

At School

• Daily routine cleaning and disinfection of offices, classrooms, and entire building work areas.


• Staff are recommended to bring a mask/PPE from home and required to wear masks.
• Schools will provide each staff member with a mask upon request
• Masks will also be provided to staff for emergency purposes
• Staff who have any COVID-19 symptoms should stay home and get tested.


• Students should bring a mask/PPE from home
• Schools will provide each student with a mask upon request
• Masks will also be provided for emergency purposes
• Masks are required on district property
• Students who have any COVID-19 symptoms should stay home and get tested.

Staff And Student Health Screening

• Self-check temperature units will be placed in a designated area for staff and students. Complete daily health screenings via Dr. Owl app for staff. Parents must self-screen their child daily for symptoms.

Bus Transportation

• Students boarding the bus will have the temperature checked and will be required to wear a mask.
• Hand sanitizer will be provided for each student upon boarding the bus.
• Students are seated 3 feet from others no more than 2 per seat.
• Buses are sanitized daily


• Teacher and student desks are marked for seating to enforce 3 feet social distancing when possible.
• Desk Carrels will be used to contain personal student area.
• Classrooms are cleaned with disinfectant daily and desks are wiped down between use.


• Principal will designate hallway traffic flow direction (example: stay to your right method), may use directional stickers or signs if available


• Students and staff will be asked to use the outside walkways as much as possible during passing periods.


• Students will practice social distancing in the café, enforcing 3 ft rule if possible
• Parents are not allowed to deliver food to child, unless there is a documented medical accommodation
• Touchless water fountains are in each school, students may bring a water bottle properly labeled with name/grade.


• Shall remain as the primary space for students and staff to receive first aid, medications, and medical attention
• Students who need medications shall continue with their set schedule to visit the nurses’ office
• Covid-19 Rapid tests are available with parental consent.
• Covid-19 vaccinations are available for students ages 12 and older with parental consent. Vaccines are also available for all staff and the public (date, time, and location information 956-316-7233)


• A designated room is used as the isolation “sick” room for students who are COVID symptomatic and waiting for parents to pick them up.


• Max capacity allowed in the student restrooms based on number of urinals and stalls.


• School will accept campus visitors, allowing a limited number of people in the front lobby.