Personnel Staff

  Name  Email
 Dr. Rebecca Morrison

 Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations 
 Margarita Oyervides
 Director of Personnel
 Robert Viña
 Coordinator of Personnel/Legal Issues
 Ileana Herrera
 Employee Licensed Professional Counselor 
 Elisa Flores
 Secretary to Director of Personnel  
 Mary Alice Salinas
 Personnel Secretary -Public Relations  
 Minerva Y. Lara
 Personnel Secretary -Substitute Employee Management System (SEMS) Specialist
 Judy Garza
 Paraprofessional Personnel Records Specialist  
 Diana Sanchez
 Personnel Secretary -Classified Personnel  
 Janie Ramirez
 Personnel Specialist  
 Nancy Martinez

 Ana G. Hernandez
 Maggie Lorenzi
 Certified Personnel Records Specialist  
 Carmen Salinas
 Employment Applications Data Entry Specialist  
 Olga Carranza
 Professional Records Specialist  
 Josie E. Saenz
 Personnel Specialist for Part Time Employees