Social Workers

High School Social Workers:
Maria Cano-Cole Edinburg High School
Lisa Olivarez Edinburg North High School
Francisca Olivarez Economedes High School
Enoc Reyes Robert Vela High School
Middle School Social Workers:
Areselia Salinas Barrientes
Letty Longoria B.L. Garza
Nora Castilleja Harwell
Dalia Rodriguez Longoria
Olga Wilson Memorial
Adan De La Garza South
Elementary School Social Workers:
Vision Academy/EAEA  Social Worker:
Program Goals
School social workers help students overcome barriers to learning and individual growth. This intervention can be done through counseling and referral services that link community resources to the students and their families.
School social workers provide the following services:
  • Counsel individual students regarding their concerns.
  • Counsel small groups of students regarding their concern.
  • Consult with parents, teachers, administrators to enhance students' success.
  • Coordinate with school and community personnel in bringing together resources for students. Help bridge the community, school, and families together to ensure continued success.