Pupil Services Department


The Pupil Services Department oversees the operation of student services which includes student residency, student transfers, guardianship, student records, student attendance, truancy, and homeless identification.

The Pupil Services Department strives to provide a friendly environment that receives any and all parents with concerns relating to school placement.  The Pupil Services Department assists campus staff with training and information about Compulsory School Attendance Laws.  Please feel free to visit the department at the ECISD Administration Building first floor.


1. It is an objective of the Pupil Services Department to keep every child in school.  Therefore, ECISD has three Truant Officers who locate students who are not attending school regularly and file Truancy citations when students fail to comply with Texas Education Code, Section 25.085.

2. If a student fails to attend school without an excuse for 10 or more days or parts of days within a six-month period or 3 or more days within a four-week period the school district may file a complaint against the student or the student's parent in a justice or municipal court. 

3.Home visits are conducted by the seven Visiting teachers who assist with attendance by informing parents of the attendance laws, consequences of failing to attend school, and notices of meetings with the campus staff.  Visiting teachers are an integral part of the ECISD educational program in that they help to better connect the school to the community one parent at a time.

4.Another objective of the Pupil Services Department is to provide student records and transcripts upon request.  The person requesting records must present proper identification.

5.The McKinney Vento Act requires that public schools identify and provide services to Homeless students.  ECISD utilizes the attendance clerks, visiting teachers, counselors, and campus administrators to assist in the identification of homeless students.  ECISD provides program services and transportation upon request by the parent or guardian.

6. An additional objective is to provide proper guardianship samples to parents and to inform the schools when parental rights for educational purposes are transferred to a guardian so that communication can be continued with a responsible adult.