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Texas School Law provides that a person who is at least five years of age and under 21 years of age is entitled to the benefits of a public school education. The child must reside within the school district boundaries. Homeless students may attend the school that the parent determines will provide the best stability for the child.

The Board of Trustees may require evidence that the child is eligible to attend school in the district. Proof of residency should be provided such as utility bills. The school district may make reasonable inquiries to verify a person's residence.

Requirements For Enrollment

Upon requesting enrollment in a school district, the parent or guardian shall provide the following documents


(1) Child's Birth Certificate
(2) Immunization Records
(3) Copy of the child's previous school records.


A child must be enrolled by the the parent or guardian. The school district is required to record the name, address, and date of birth of the person enrolling a child. Any person who enrolls a child by furnishing false documents or false records commits an offense under Section 37.10, Penal Code, and is liable for tuition or costs under Section 25.001.


Compulsory School Attendance

A child who is required to attend school shall attend school each day for the entire period the program of instruction is provided. A child may be excused for temporary absence from any cause acceptable to the teacher, principal, or superintendent. A child may be excused absence for religious holy days. A child may also be excused for medical appointments provided the child begins the school day and returns to class the same day. If the student satisfactorily completes the school work missed, the day of absence shall be counted as a day of attendance.



The Pupil Services Department oversees the operation of student services which includes student residency, student transfers, guardianship, student records, student attendance, truancy, and homeless identification.

The Pupil Services Department strives to provide a friendly environment that receives any and all parents with concerns relating to school placement.  The Pupil Services Department assists campus staff with training and information about Compulsory School Attendance Laws.  Please feel free to visit the department at the ECISD Administration Building first floor.


1. It is an objective of the Pupil Services Department to keep every child in school.  Therefore, ECISD has three Truant Officers who locate students who are not attending school regularly and file Truancy citations when students fail to comply with Texas Education Code, Section 25.085.

2. If a student fails to attend school without an excuse for 10 or more days or parts of days within a six-month period or 3 or more days within a four-week period the school district may file a complaint against the student or the student's parent in a justice or municipal court. 

3.Home visits are conducted by the seven Visiting teachers who assist with attendance by informing parents of the attendance laws, consequences of failing to attend school, and notices of meetings with the campus staff.  Visiting teachers are an integral part of the ECISD educational program in that they help to better connect the school to the community one parent at a time.

4.Another objective of the Pupil Services Department is to provide student records and transcripts upon request.  The person requesting records must present proper identification.

5.The McKinney Vento Act requires that public schools identify and provide services to Homeless students.  ECISD utilizes the attendance clerks, visiting teachers, counselors, and campus administrators to assist in the identification of homeless students.  ECISD provides program services and transportation upon request by the parent or guardian.

6. An additional objective is to provide proper guardianship samples to parents and to inform the schools when parental rights for educational purposes are transferred to a guardian so that communication can be continued with a responsible adult.

Truant Officers:

Call the Truant Officer for the Assigned campus below when students have excessive absences or you have questions regarding Truancy!

Randy Salazar
Pager # 956-288-4344
Tino Garza
Pager # 956-288-4343
Santiago Ramon
Pager # 956-288-4345
Amanda Zak
Truancy Case Manager
Patty Garza
Truancy Secretary



Campus Assignments:

Randy Salazar Tino Garza Santiago Ramon
Truant Officer Truant Officer Truant Officer
School Phone 316-7300 School Phone 316-7654 School Phone 385-300
*Harwell B. L. Garza *Harwell
Brewster Memorial
Betts Cavazos Austin
Cano/Gonzalez De La Vina Avila
Canterbury Guerra Eisenhower
Escandon Jefferson Hargill
Esparza Magee J.F. Kennedy
F. Gonzalez Trevino L.B. Johnson
R. E. Lee Truman Villarreal
Travis Zavala Monte Cristo
EAEA Lincoln San Carlos



Truant Officers are available to make Attendance Presentations to your parents, students, or faculty. Give them a call!


Pupil Services Staff

Alma Moron, Coordinator of Pupil Services & Intake/Discipline
E-mail Address
-   alma.moron@ecisd.us, Telephone #289-2300, Fax # 289-8318

Olivia Castilleja
Student records, Transcripts, Membership,
Guardianships, Power of Attorney
289-2300, ext. 2003 o.castilleja@ecisd.us
Veronica Briones
Attendance, Audits, Within District Transfers 289-2300, ext 2021 veronica.briones@ecisd.us
Alma de la Garza
Out of District Transfers 289-2300, ext 2019 a.delagarza@ecisd.us

Visiting Teachers

Omar Casas Nicholas Cantu Fidel Villarreal George Thompson Rodolfo Garza Sonia Munoz Pablo Garza


Visiting Teachers Campuses Telephone
Omar Casas
Economedes HIgh School

Economedes High School 385-3000
Avila Elementary 289-2307
J.F. Kennedy  384-5125
San Carlos 289-2370
Nicolas Cantu
Edinburg North High School
Edinburg North High School 316-7654
Eisenhower 316-7272
Gurra  384-5340
Fidel Villarreal
Edinburg High School

Edinburg High School 316-7300
Betts 384-5300
Esparza 289-2308
Jefferson 316-7424
George Thompson
B.L. Garza Middle School

B.L. Garza Middle School 316-3100
Cavzos 384-5140
Magee 289-2306
Trevino 384-5360
Truman 316-7520
Zavala 289-2350
Rodolfo Garza
Harwell Middle School

Harwell Middle School 316-7740
Cano-Gonzalez 384-5104
Escandon 316-7398
L.B. Johnson 289-2358
Travis 289-2354
Sonia Munoz
South Middle School

South Middle School 316-7750
Canterbury 289-2374
De La Vina 289-2366
Freddy Gonzalez 316-7408
Lee 289-2342
Pablo Garza
Memorial Middle School

Memorial Middle School 316-7575
Austin 289-2331
Lincoln 289-2346
Monte Cristo 289-2362
Villarreal 316-3450



Visiting Teachers are located at the Secondary Campuses and also serve assigned Middle and Elementary Schools with verifying residency, locating students and parents, communicating information to parents about Compulsory School Attendance, and assisting the district to identify Homeless students.