Special Weapons and Tactics - Special Response Team

The Edinburg CISD Police Department SWAT-SRT Team's goal is to provide an additional layer of enhanced protection for our Edinburg CISD students and staff. This goal is accomplished with additional training above and beyond the already high standards held for Edinburg CISD Police Officers, which better prepares them to address special high risk issues that may pose a threat to the safety of our students. Edinburg CISD SWAT-SRT Officers are trained in several disciplines that include, but are not limited to: 
- Special Weapons and Tactics Certification
- Advanced Special Weapons and Tactics Certification
- Active shooter response training
- ALERRT Training
- Tactical Medicine for First Responders
- Natural Disaster / Flood Evacuation 
- Many other related disciplines that ensure our SWAT-SRT officers are prepared for any situations that may arise.
The Edinburg CISD Police SWAT-SRT team consists of School Resource Officers who are on duty during school hours at campuses throughout the district each day. These officers serve our student and staff population the same as all ECISD Police Officers but stand ready for quick response in the event of any enhanced threat to students safety. 
The Edinburg CISD Police SWAT-SRT team trains in house with our Certified Police Instructors, along with surrounding Law Enforcement agencies.
Our SWAT-SRT Officers do not only receive all of this training, but serve as mentors and instructors to all ECISD Police Staff. Our SWAT-SRT officers share the enhanced tactics, through training, with all Edinburg CISD Police officers to ensure that they receive vital instruction to respond to any situation that they may encounter while protecting our schools.